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Video Plumbing Inspections

Video Plumbing InspectionsUsing video to efficiently inspect your plumbing can be a highly effective way to assess your plumbing situation. At W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating, our professionals always use advanced technology systems to better inspect the interior of your pipes.

Using video plumbing inspections can be a great opportunity to get a good pipe problem diagnosis without too much headache. The way it works is that a flexible rod goes through the pipe with a camera connected to it. This allows our technicians to get an up-close view of the pipes and diagnose the plumbing situation in more detail.

Correctly Identifying Damage To Your Pipes With Video Plumbing Inspections

Video cameras are an excellent way to better understand what is going on with your pipes. Video plumbing inspections can quickly determine if your pipes have clogs, cracks, or obstructions. When we can easily diagnose the problem, we can more easily solve it.

We also use a locator tool that pinpoints the exact spot of the problem. This makes the repair process much less intrusive – we no longer have to look for that needle in a haystack. Our locator helps us minimize the damage to the house or front yard by making the repair and replacement process more exact and less intrusive.

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