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Avoid Throwing the Following Foods Down Your Garbage Disposal This Holiday

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Check out the following list of foods to avoid throwing down your garbage disposal.

As Christmas approaches, the anticipation of delicious meals and quality time with loved ones fills the air. While you are busy planning the meals, people often overlook the aftermath. The post-holiday cleanup can become a plumbing nightmare if you don’t consider what goes down the drain. Check out the following list of foods to avoid throwing down your garbage disposal.

Holiday Foods to Keep Away from Your Drain

It’s no secret that holiday dinner comes with unavoidable cleanup. However, being cautious while clearing the table can save you from a plumbing headache. Make sure to keep these foods away from your drain this holiday:

  • Fats, Oils, Gravy, & Grease – Allow them to cool and solidify in a container so you can dispose of them in the trash. Otherwise, they will contribute to clogs over time.
  • Dairy Products – Although creamy side dishes and desserts may be delicious, pouring leftover dairy products down the garbage disposal may lead to strange odors and clogs. So, dispose of them via composting or in the trash.
  • Meat Bones – Please resist the urge to dispose of meat bones down your garbage disposal. They might jam the blades and cause serious plumbing problems. Instead, choose composting or trash disposal to avoid unwanted blockages.
  • Stringy Vegetables – Even though vegetables might seem harmless, their stringy nature can tangle around the garbage disposal blades and malfunction.

Ways to Keep Your Plumbing System Functioning

Make sure to follow these tips if you desire to enjoy a smooth post-holiday cleanup without worrying about plumbing problems:

  • Place a sink strainer over the drain to prevent food particles from sliding down the pipes and avoid potential clogs.
  • Make sure to scrape leftover food into the trash before rinsing the dishes. This will minimize the amount of food particles collected in your plumbing.
  • Consider starting a compost bin for vegetable and fruit scraps because this will reduce the load on your garbage disposal.
  • If you discover slow drainage or suspect a plumbing issue, consider scheduling a professional inspection from H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating.
  • As always, a gentle reminder of what your guests can and cannot throw down the drain can go a long way in preventing plumbing mishaps.


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