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Solving Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes

w.h. winegar common plumbing issues in older homes

One effective solution to these common plumbing issues in older homes is an upgrade.

From frequent leaks and bursts to low water pressure, older homes were built with plumbing systems not equipped to manage modern demands. One effective solution to these common plumbing issues in older homes is an upgrade. Give the plumbing professionals at W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating a call at 301-384-5818 to see what options are ideal for your home.

Old Pipes and Drains

The outdated drainage and plumbing systems in older homes come with hidden hazards that can bring substantial risks to the safety and health of homeowners. One of the common plumbing issues in older homes is the presence of lead pipes. Used in the early 20th century, these pipes eroded over time, releasing harmful lead particles into these homes’ drinking water.

Besides lead pipes, old drainage and piping systems can be prone to bursts, leaks, and backups. The materials in older homes, like cast iron or galvanized steel, last longer than modern materials, such as PVC or copper. These outdated plumbing systems are more likely to create leaks, causing mold growth and water damage.

Lead Pipes in Plumbing

Lead is a toxic metal that may impact different systems in the body, including the kidneys, nervous system, and blood cells. In addition, pregnant women who drink lead via drinking water can pass it to their unborn babies, resulting in health complications. The dangers of lead pipes in older homes emphasize the significance of addressing this issue. If you suspect that your home has lead pipes, it’s essential to seek professional guidance.

Professional Maintenance is Vital for Older Plumbing

Maintaining an older plumbing system is challenging, but that is where professional maintenance comes in. While some homeowners might be tempted to handle plumbing issues themselves, it’s essential to recognize the importance of hiring a professional plumbing company.

By investing in professional maintenance, you can save money down the line. W.H. Winegar & Son can address minor issues before they become significant plumbing emergencies, saving you time and money. When it comes to the common plumbing issues in older homes, leave the plumbing work to the experts at W.H. Winegar & Son.


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