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How Does a Submeter Installation Benefit Your Rental Property in Damascus, Maryland?

w.h. winegar submeter installation

A submeter installation enables property owners and managers to track power consumption in specific units below the master meter.

If you are a property owner or manager, now is an excellent time to be more energy-efficient. Submetering is the solution. A submeter installation enables property owners and managers to track power consumption in specific units below the master meter. The following are the advantages of receiving a submeter installation on your rental property in Damascus, Maryland.

A Valuable Asset for Landlords and Tenants

A submeter installation is a great asset for property managers in charge of one or multiple properties because it enables accurate billing of all tenants. In addition, a submetering system allows live data processing. As a result, management can accurately charge all tenants for their monthly consumption while sharing real-time information on consumption with tenants.

Fast Return on Investment

Nothing is free, especially when it’s about hardware, rollout, setup, or software. So, understanding the actual costs and possible benefits will let you know when you can expect a profit. Many energy-saving strategies only require a little time, so you might see savings sooner than you thought possible. Plus, the return on investment for a submeter installation often occurs in less than a year.

Sub-metering is Eco-friendly

Sub-metering has many advantages, and one of them is an environmental benefit. In order to promote environmental sustainability, it’s critical to use data to make better energy decisions, resulting in less pollution. For example, solar power can benefit significantly from submetering. Any excess energy is returned to the grid when a solar power system is connected to the power grid.

Easy Routine Maintenance

Lastly, a submeter installation in your Damascus rental property is more straightforward maintenance. Having real-time information on power can assist you in anticipating and preventing any problems. You can instantly identify and establish the reason for rate swings if the monthly consumption rates slowly rise without changes in tenant utility use. Consequently, you’ll be able to minimize the expenses of managing a building.

Ultimately, your submeter will help you obtain discounted rates on the water outside the rental property that doesn’t go down the sanitary sewer. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of a submeter installation, call W.H. Winegar & Son today at 301-384-5818!


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