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What are the signs that indicate it’s time to repair your home boiler?

Boilers are still prevalent in Maryland, and if your home has one, you must know the signs that indicate it’s time for a boiler repair. When you identify an existing or forthcoming problem, you can promptly complete boiler repairs. Therefore, you’ll reduce potentially expensive heating bills or a lack of heat in your home. So, are you ready to repair your home boiler? Call W.H. Winegar and Son Plumbing & Heating at 301-384-5818!

Your Boiler Develops Strange Odors

If you have had an oil or gas-burning boiler for at least one winter season, you should know what it typically smells like while it’s running. If that odor changes in any way, you will likely notice a strong metallic odor. This might indicate a gas leak, which requires immediate attention! Boilers can also create strange smells when they lack sufficient oxygen to burn properly.

If a boiler fails to burn the way it should, it might leak carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, this colorless, odorless vapor can be fatal if it increases to dangerous levels inside your home. Make sure to contact a boiler repair company to repair your home boiler if it releases a strange odor.

Strange Noises

Your boiler should run relatively quietly under normal circumstances. It’s normal when the occasional sound kicks in under operation. However, you must investigate any banging, whirring, or clunking sounds because they are not typical. Our boiler repair expert can handle the job if you need help diagnosing a noisy boiler.

You See Boiler Leaks

Moreover, you have a significant problem on your hands when you notice big or minor puddles around your home boiler. You cannot ignore boiler leaks, so don’t ignore them if you see one! A minor boiler leak can develop rapidly and put your house at risk for water damage if you don’t repair your home boiler. So, occasionally inspect around the base of your boiler for moisture. Contact our talented technicians if you ever find puddles.

Sharp Increase in Your Heating Bills

You might need to repair your home boiler if you suddenly see a sharp increase in your heating expenses. Boilers that are more than 15 years are prone to operational efficiency problems, which can quickly increase your heating bills. If you own an older unit, have one of our boiler repair specialists inspect it to determine a repair or replacement.


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