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What to Know About Receiving a Home Boiler Replacement

w.h. winegar home boiler replacement

Here is everything you must know about getting a home boiler replacement.

Here in Maryland and across most of America, homes are typically heated in two methods: furnaces or boilers. Older residential boilers tend to be less efficient than furnaces. However, there are newer, high-efficiency options available now. If you know you must replace your unit or are unsure of its condition, here is everything you must know about getting a home boiler replacement.

Typical Signs of Boiler Failure

  • If your home isn’t getting any heat, check if the pilot light is lit – if so, contact H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating for an inspection and possible home boiler replacement.
  • If you discover water leaking from your residential boiler, do not try to repair it yourself. Always contact a plumbing professional to resolve the problem because there could be worn-out components that need to be replaced.
  • You’ve begun to notice some odd sounds emitting from your home boiler. Low pressure or kettling (a buildup on the heat exchanger that restricts flow and overheats the water) can cause this problem.
  • Check your pressure gauge for a level if your central heating seems not to be functioning well or the boiler keeps shutting off. You must contact a professional if the level is below 1.
  • Some discoloration, like yellow flames or black soot on the burner, can indicate your fuel isn’t burning correctly, leading to a buildup of carbon monoxide. If this is the case, inspect your CO detectors and call us now at 301-384-5818 to get a home boiler replacement!

Things to Review Before Your Boil Fails

  • What is the age of the boiler? For instance, cast iron boilers are sturdy with a 20-30-year lifetime and may last longer with proper maintenance.
  • What are your energy expenses? Your utility bills slowly rise when your residential boiler’s efficiency significantly drops. Hence, your system has reached the end of its lifespan.
  • How often does your boiler need service calls? If you must frequently call your contractor for problems, that’s not normal. You should consider a home boiler replacement.
  • Does your home experience temperature variation during the day? If this is the case, especially in various areas of the house, your unit no longer has sufficient controls.

There are many factors to consider when replacing your residential boiler, so contact us if you are still at a loss. Our friendly technicians can help you inspect your heating system and current boiler to determine which replacement is ideal for your home.


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