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When Does Your Chevy Chase Home Need Repiping?

w.h. winegar repiping

Repiping is the process of eliminating and replacing all of the cold and hot water pipes in a home.

Occasional plumbing problems are a regular aspect of homeownership. Sometimes a minor repair is required to resolve a clog or leak safely. However, when plumbing issues become frequent and expensive, your home may need repiping. Repiping is the process of eliminating and replacing all of the cold and hot water pipes in a home. The age and type of pipes in a property are two critical factors influencing this decision. Here are the signs that indicate your Chevy Chase, MD, home must be repiped.

Water Leaks & Discoloration

If your home has a basement or utility, you will likely notice a leak in the exposed pipes. Condensation on hot water pipes is expected but not leaks. There may also be other leaks you don’t see right away within your ceilings, walls, or slab foundations. So, frequent leaks in a home indicate that pipes are worn, and some or all must be replaced. Relying on the honest and experienced professionals at W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating is your best option for ensuring that repiping is done safely and efficiently.

Frequent Clogs

Frequent clogs may also be another sign that your plumbing system is deteriorating, and repiping might be the solution. You’re likely experiencing frequent clogs if your home’s pipes are over five decades. Even if you are cautious about what goes down your drains, old pipes will probably clog from normal usage. If you have frequent clogs despite being careful of what goes down your pipes, it’s time to consider repiping in your Chevy Chase home.

Low Water Pressure

Sediment buildup and corrosion mainly cause low water pressure. They also block water from passing freely through the pipes and place pressure on them. As a result, leaks and burst pipes can occur. In addition, low pressure might result from a faulty connection that can be easily repaired but often indicates a significant plumbing problem.

Visible Corrosion

Your exposed pipes may have corrosion if they develop signs of stains, flaking, or discoloration. Also, corroding pipes can lead to leaks, and replace them immediately to avoid expensive water damage and emergency repairs. With over fifty years of personalized service and excellent customer service, W.H. Winegar Son Plumbing and Heating in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has worked with various materials and can safely and surgically replace water pipes with minimal damage to your home.

Noisy Plumbing Pipes

In general, plumbing shouldn’t be noisy. If you hear rattling, gurgling, knocking, or other odd noises coming from your pipes, it’s time call us at 301-384-5818. Our experienced plumbers will identify the source of your noisy pipes and resolve the problem before significant issues develop.


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