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Inspecting Your Hose Bib for Leaks in Silver Spring

w.h. winegar inspect your hose bib for leaks

This article discusses how to inspect your hose bib for leaks.

If you plan to complete some summer cleaning outside your Silver Spring, MD, home this month, you will likely need to turn your outdoor faucet (commonly known as a hose bib) on. However, the winter weather temperatures might have triggered some models of hose bibbs to crack. If the problem isn’t treated early enough, it can result in mold growth and water damage. Not to mention all the wasted energy and water. This article discusses how to inspect your hose bib for leaks.

Complete These Steps Before Turning on Your Water

  • Put your thumb over the fixture and turn the water on. Otherwise, you should use your whole hand to cover the opening if you have small thumbs.
  • If you can sustain the water with your hand or thumb, there is a crack in the piping and water leaks.
  • You should be fine if you feel pressure and can’t hold back the water.

Hose Bib Repair and Replacement in Silver Spring

However, if your hose bib is visibly leaking (or based on the thumb test), you’ll likely need a plumbing professional to find the problem source and resolve it. This can mean repairing specific components of your hose bib or replacing the entire structure. When you inspect your hose bib for leaks, you might have to choose between repairing and replacing it. In addition, fixing costs less but might leave worn components where they will fail in the following winters.

To learn more or schedule a visit for a hose bib repair and replacement in Silver Spring, contact W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating at 301-384-5818!

What To Do If You Still Have a Leaky Hose Bibb

At W.H. Winegar & Son, our plumbing technicians have seen the consequences of outdoor faucets impacted by cold winters. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t always reveal itself until the warmer months. A leaky hose bib can damage your Silver Spring property and increase your water bill. Contact us today so we can inspect your hose bib for leaks and other plumbing and heating needs.


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