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5 Clues Your Damascus Home Needs a Water Line Repair

w.h. winegar water line repair

When you call our plumbing experts for water line repair, we can demonstrate to you what to do in an emergency.

Does your Damascus, MD, home need a central water line repair? It may not be one single pipe causing problems – it could be the main water line. Unfortunately, this whole-home issue is problematic. Check out these five clues you must call W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating for water line repair.

You See Puddles in Your Yard

The water main may be leaking if you notice puddles in your yard when there is no precipitation, mainly if those puddles are above or near the main water line. Perhaps you don’t see a puddle because the ground absorbs all the excess water, but you discover your grass is extra green above the pipe. So, it’s a sign you should receive a water line repair.

Foundation Cracks Appear

The constant presence of moisture, such as puddles, around your foundation can eventually cause significant damage. Also, concrete absorbs water, so if your water main leaks underground near your house, cracks might begin to appear in your foundation.

You Hear Unusual Noises

If you hear unusual noises coming from all of your toilets when you turn on your sink, or vice versa, you must have a plumbing problem in your Damascus home. So, a reputable plumber should always look at any strange gurgling coming from your drains. Otherwise, your water pressure may drop dramatically, or your water bills will increase suddenly.

Additionally, a blockage slows down the water main if you are unable to boost the water pressure with a regulator. Also, it’s time to inspect your water main if you pay more for water.

Know the Location of Your Main Valve

In case of a significant leak, do you know where your home’s main shutoff valve is? When you call our plumbing experts for water line repair, we can demonstrate to you what to do in an emergency. Our team can also investigate the signs to check for a leak or blockage in your main plumbing line. We are here to assist! Call us today at 301-384-5818!


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