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Advantages of a Potomac Maryland Trenchless Water Line Replacement

w.h. winegar trenchless water line replacement

Compared to conventional methods, a trenchless water line replacement is favorable because it’s fast.

No homeowner desires a water line replacement. Unfortunately, it’s a reality for some homeowners in Potomac, Maryland, because they will likely discover a sewer line problem at some point. Although a trenchless water line replacement is never ideal, homeowners can avoid experiencing the mental anguish of conventional waterline replacement. Let’s check out the advantages below.

Quick and Convenient

Compared to conventional methods, a trenchless water line replacement is favorable because it’s fast. Fortunately, Maryland homeowners can avoid the hassle of calling and getting the relevant permits from the city and relocating their families to replace the water line. With the traditional replacement method, plumbers would previously take days or weeks to finish the project. In contrast, you can expect the plumbers to complete the project in less than a day.

At W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating, we have the proper equipment, including locators and cameras, to locate the problem area and efficiently repair the damage.

Prevents Property Damage

A trenchless water line replacement allows plumbing companies to access water lines while minimizing property damage. First, the plumber will start the replacement with a sewer camera inspection. They connect waterproof cameras to the rods and lower the gadget into the sewer line through a tiny entry point. When it hits the ground, it will capture high-quality video footage.

Lastly, the experts will review the videos to determine the issues that must be replaced. Rather than digging the whole yard to access the waterline, a plumbing contractor will only drill two holes – a hole where the water line begins, and the second one is the ending point.

Improve Water Quality

If your home in Potomac has lead pipes, you are most likely exposing your family to water poisoning. In addition, you can be assured of safer drinking water when you use the trenchless method to replace your water line. When a plumber drills a hole into the ground rather than digging the whole line, they reduce the risk of contamination. Therefore, this quick trenchless procedure doesn’t impact the water quality of your property.

Easy Access to Hard-to-Reach Spots

Using traditional methods, it’s complex and almost impossible to reach water lines beneath buildings. It can also be expensive and time-consuming since plumbers must dig around structures to install a new water line. Now, a trenchless water line replacement makes it possible for our plumbers to replace underground water lines that are hard to reach.


Since excavation is not necessary using trenchless technology, it reduces the number of hours and tools needed for the project. You can also save money with the trenchless pipe replacement because you won’t need to re-landscape your lawn in Potomac, MD.

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