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It’s Time for a Toilet Replacement If You Experience These Toilet Problems


You can call the professionals at W.H. Winegar for a toilet replacement.

If you have a toilet, you most likely will experience toilet problems sometimes within its life span. As a homeowner, you must be ready to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair common toilet issues. But it’s also critical to know when it’s time for a toilet replacement. Thankfully, you can call the professionals at W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating to replace your old toilet.

Water Trickles into the Toilet Bowl

This one is related to a phantom flush or when you hear the sound of your toilet flushing when no one is using it. A gradual leak provokes both, although the results are less dramatic in this toilet problem. You might also notice that the water level in the bowl increases throughout the day, even when not in use. Drain the toilet bowl, inspect the flapper for both phantom flushes, and slowly fill. After that, it should be easy to receive a toilet replacement. But don’t worry; you can easily hire us to do the job, too!

Leaky Seals are on the Toilet

Have you discovered water leaking from your toilet? This results from a compromised or faulty seal between the bowl and tank. Another big culprit of toilet leaks is the seal underneath the toilet. This also protects the floor beneath the base. Is the floor around your toilet warped, discolored, or bubbled? Even though it doesn’t indicate immediate damage, this is a significant problem because it can cause mold over time. If your toilet is old, investing in a toilet replacement is a good idea.

The Toilet Base or Bowl is Cracked

Do you have cracked porcelain? Older toilets tend to wear out over time. While there’s charm in an old toilet, you should receive a toilet replacement if you notice any cracking.

Your Toilet Won’t Flush

If your problem is with the toilet handle (it won’t trigger a flush), this can be happening for several reasons. The actual handle may be too loose or tight. So, turn the nut to adjust the seal and attempt it again. Another prevalent fix is the lift chain. Ensure the chain is attached to the lift arm. There was probably an entanglement.

Otherwise, your toilet is clogged. In addition, it’s ideal to keep a simple rubber plunger in your bathroom. A few gentle plunges should work if the problem is too much toilet paper or waste. Still no luck? Call in one of our plumbing professionals at 301-384-5818!


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