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Take Advantage of These Toilet Replacement Benefits for Your Rockville Home

w.h. winegar toilet replacement rockville

When you hire W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating for a toilet replacement service at your Rockville property, you can ensure the installation process will be smooth.

Toilets are the primary components of the bathroom. However, homeowners often overlook these vital components until a problem arises, such as when you uncover a leak or your toilet overflows. Also, toilets are not meant to last forever and will eventually require a replacement. So, knowing when to receive a toilet replacement in your Rockville home and how you can benefit from it can help you explore today’s many available toilet models.

Efficient Toilets Reduce Water Bills

Since toilets account for a significant percentage of your home’s water consumption, one expected benefit of toilet replacement is less water usage daily. They are not as new, especially if your toilet was installed before 1994. Before the 1994 regulations passed requiring all new toilets to consume 1.6 gallons or less per flush, toilets previously manufactured used five or more gallons each time a person pulled the handle.

Simply installing a newer toilet model today can minimize your home’s water usage by almost 50% with no further effort on your part. When you hire W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating for a toilet replacement service at your Rockville property, you can ensure the installation process will be smooth.

A Problem-Free Toilet

Whether your toilet has been giving you trouble throughout the years or you are suddenly experiencing new plumbing problems with your toilet, a toilet replacement can end this. In addition, frequent leaks or clogs can increase repair costs, while a damaged floor seal can render a toilet useless. Rather than spending money and precious time on a problematic toilet, replacing your toilet will ensure it will function for years without further issues.

Toilets are Available in Several Designs

Moreover, toilets are one of the most visible but overlooked bathroom features in terms of style. Current toilets come in several designs and can save space in a smaller bathroom. If you’re considering a toilet replacement in Rockville, MD, for other reasons, choosing a toilet that suits your bathroom’s style and available space can improve its aesthetics. It can even increase your home’s value if you plan to sell it!

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