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How a Water Line Replacement Enhances Your Water Quality

w.h. winegar water line replacement

What are the benefits of getting a water line replacement for your home?

There are many benefits to a water line replacement. For example, preventing potential maintenance problems or improving your property’s resale value. Other advantages are more like surprises. For instance, did you know that replacing your water supply pipes can solve your issue regarding rusty tap water? In addition, fresh, new water supply pipes will enhance your water quality for several reasons. Check them out below!

Corrosion-Free Water

Corrosion occurs when minerals and water scrape against and wear down the inner walls of your water pipes. In addition, corrosion affects pipes in different ways, such as rust accumulation, bottlenecks, mineral clogs, leaks, pressure buildups, and even ruptures. So, when minerals or rust build up inside the pipes, the water that slides through those pipes will chip it off and carry it downstream to you. As a result, the rust or mineral buildup may account for your water’s smell, taste, or appearance.

Almost all plumbing pipes wear down over time, but some last longer. So, a water line replacement from W.H. Winegar Plumbing and Heating should ensure you don’t have to worry about corrosion for long.

Better Materials

In the 1930s, lead was the most prevalent plumbing pipe construction material. Chances are your water pipes are more recent than 1930, but that doesn’t signify they’re lead-free. In fact, lead-based items were used for soldering copper pipes until they were banned in the mid-1980s. This indicates your metal plumbing pipes contain lead if they are from before.

Unfortunately, lead is less resilient than modern plumbing construction materials because they corrode and chip away at your water supply as they age. Strongly consider having a professional perform a water line replacement in your home if you discover there’s lead in your water.

Properly Done Construction

While all pipes break down over time, they tend to break more often if they are several different materials. When different metals come into contact with one another in the presence of an electrolyte, they might begin to break down faster than they should. This occurs due to galvanic corrosion.

The older your water pipes are, the more likely they’re from different materials. For instance, the previous homeowners might have replaced some pipes or not have considered the pipe material. Fortunately, professional water pipe installers can ensure your pipes resist galvanic corrosion, even if you are replacing part of your system.

Clean Water Supply Pipes

The average homeowner probably never thinks about the cleanliness of their water supply pipes. After all, how can they get dirty in the first place? However, corrosion and mineral accumulation can happen despite you doing everything right. Having our company replace your old pipes is an excellent opportunity to inspect the cleanliness and health of the rest of the plumbing system. Additionally, cleaning the inside and outside of your water supply pipes will prevent potential leaks, ruptures, clogs, or mineral build-ups.


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