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Easy Ways to Minimize Water Consumption and Bills

w.h. winegar minimize water consumption and bills

Mindfulness can be helpful when looking to minimize water consumption and bills.

Luck has nothing to do with saving water. However, mindfulness can be helpful when looking to minimize water consumption and bills. In this article, homeowners can learn simple ways to save water and water bills. Some considerations include shutting off the faucet when not in use or flushing cautiously.

Turn Off the Sink Tap During Specific Tasks

Keeping the tap on while teeth brushing, washing the dishes, or shaving waste water. In addition, allowing the kitchen sink faucet to run for several minutes while washing the dishes can waste approximately 10 gallons of water. All the wasted water from these certain tasks adds up quickly, so homeowners must practice the water-saving habit of turning off the tap during these tasks. You’ll be amazed at how it impacts your water bill!

Consider Investing in Eco-Friendly Fixtures

Eco-friendly plumbing appliances and fixtures can assist homeowners’ wallets and the environment. Like what? Numerous types of eco-friendly fixtures include showerheads, low-flow toilets, and faucets. They all lead to reduced water usage and substantial water bill savings. Also, high-efficiency toilets consume around 1.28 gallons per flush, while regular ones use 3.5. to 7 gallons per flush. So, installing these fixtures can allow you to minimize water consumption and bills.

Avoid Toilet Clogs

Toilet paper is the only one thing homeowners should flush down the toilet. Aside from human waste, anything else should be thrown in the garbage because it could provoke a severe clog. Unfortunately, a clogged toilet can waste a lot of water, so another way to save water is to prevent clogs. If you are uncertain whether you should flush something, you shouldn’t.

Homeowners should dispose these things into the trash rather than down the toilet to avoid clogs and minimize water consumption and bills:

  • Menstruation products
  • Wipes, even flushable ones
  • Cigarette butts
  • Medications
  • Candy wrappers and other plastics
  • Toxic substances, such as motor oil
  • Dental floss
  • Napkins, tissues, and paper towels

Repair Leaks Immediately

Household leaks can waste a lot of water if not checked right away. So, make sure to inspect for leaky toilets, taps, and hose connections regularly. Repairing leaks can be simple like replacing a worn toilet valve seal or changing a washer. Otherwise, call your local plumbing company, W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating at 301-384-5818. Our family-owned and operated plumbing and heating business offers extensive plumbing services at rates you can afford!


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