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Locating Your Main Water Shutoff Valve in Your Rockville Home

w.h. winegar main water shutoff valve rockville

Understanding the functionality of your main water shutoff valve and its location can assist you.

Knowing how and where to turn off your home’s main water shutoff valve is critical in a plumbing emergency. You may also be surprised to discover that only a few people actually know how to do that or even what the valve does! So, waiting until a plumbing emergency happens is not ideal to figure it out. If there is a plumbing leak in your household and the shutoff isn’t working, you must turn off the water to your entire home in Rockville, MD. This is why understanding the functionality of your main water shutoff valve and its location can assist you.

Defining the Main Water Shutoff Valve

The main water shutoff valve is utilized to shut off the water supply to your home for various reasons. When turned on, the valve supplies water from the county connection to your home. But when it’s off, the valve stops all the water from flowing through the pipes in your home. Sometimes, you must turn off the valve to complete plumbing repairs around your Rockville home. This may include replacing a faucet or water heater if the minor service valves don’t operate.

Finding Your Main Water Valve

While minor shutoff valves in your property will shut off the water in a specific room or for a particular plumbing fixture, like your bathroom, kitchen, toilet, or sink, the main water shutoff valve will turn off the water entering your entire home. If you search for this valve, we advise you to look in the lowest level of your home, like your basement. Remember, there are two primary main shutoff valves: gate and ball valve.

During your search for the main water shutoff valve, it is typically at about waist level on the inside basement wall near your street in Rockville or on an exterior wall in a utility area of the house. Otherwise, the main water might have come through the concrete floor or wall, and you can usually locate the valve within three to five feet of where the main water enters your property.

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