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Does Your Gaithersburg Home Need a Sewer Line Replacement?

w.h. winegar sewer line replacement

You most likely need a sewer line replacement if your home has a bad smell that’s untraceable.

Having a functional sewer system is essential for your home in Gaithersburg, MD. When your system is not operating correctly, it’s not a secret. This article explains the indicators and causes of a sewer line replacement for your house.

Signs of a Sewer Line Replacement

  • Backed-up drains – You know your home has a problem when your toilet won’t flush thoroughly. The same applies to water backing up in one drain when it’s going down a different one.
  • Slow drains – The line is not working as it should if your water seems to flow slower than usual or stops for a minute before it drains.
  • Bad odor- You most likely need a sewer line replacement if your home has a bad smell that’s untraceable, similar to the scent of rotten eggs.
  • Low area in your yard – You might also discover a depression in your driveway or yard. Over time, the dirt in your lawn can settle, triggering your sewer line to sink in with the ground. This approach prevents sewage from flowing effortlessly in the right direction.

Although deciding that you need a sewer line replacement is simple, determining the cause is slightly trickier. Now, let’s learn the reasons for a sewer pipe failure or stoppage.

Aging Pipes

Most sewer systems in commercial and residential properties were built with cast iron pipes lasting between 25-30 years. As time passes, the pipes’ bottom wears out due to the intense flow of water. The worn-out pipe eventually leads to the exposure of the soil beneath the pipe and soil erosion. Unfortunately, erosion can trigger stoppages, clogs, and sewer pipe failure.

Rust is another effect of aging pipes. The pipes’ frequent contact with water can result in rusting over time. In addition, rust also eats away at the outside of the pipe, often leading to leaks and cracks. To prevent rust development, our plumbing company in Gaithersburg can inspect your sewer system at least once yearly.

Tree Root Intrusion

Any moisture leaking from a cast iron, PVC, or clay drainage pipe will eventually attract tree root intrusion surrounding the pipe. Also, tree roots will travel long distances in search of moisture. If a tree root is why your Gaithersburg home needs a sewer line replacement, it usually indicates a crack or hole in the pipe. As they grow, the crack or hole will expand, allowing other roots to enter.

Grease Blockages

Even though grease liquifies under heat, it solidifies when it cools off. If you pour grease down your sink or flush down your toilet, it can restrict water flow. If this is done once or twice, it usually will not be problematic. However, if it happens frequently, it can build up and create serious blockage, possibly leading to flooding.


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