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Is Your Tankless Water Heater Not Heating?

w.h. winegar tankless water heater is not heating

Learn why your tankless water heater is not heating and how you can solve them.

Many homeowners with tankless water heat enjoy longer equipment service life, fewer repairs, on-demand hot water supply, and lower utility costs. So, replacing a conventional water heater with a tankless one can enhance many homes. However, that doesn’t make them immune to potential problems. The experts at W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating discuss and explain why your tankless water heater is not heating and how you can solve them.

The Ignition System Fails

Although some tankless water heaters use electricity to heat coils, many also utilize natural gas. Your system relies on an ignition system if you have a gas tankless water heater. When the ignition system fails, you will receive cold water until it’s repaired. If your tankless water heater is not heating, eliminate prevalent issues such as an unpaid bill or municipal gas supply problem.

Additionally, contact a gas line plumber to search for and repair the underlying problem. Although the problem is minor, we don’t recommend resolving issues linked to natural gas without professional training.

Sediment Buildup

Just like a traditional water heater, tankless water heaters also have sediment buildups. So, homeowners with tankless water heaters often see sediment buildups, depending on your water’s hardness in your area. With time, tankless water heaters build up magnesium and calcium deposits in the heat exchanger and develop clogs, triggering low water pressure in your home.

Heat Exchanger Leaks

Another reason your tankless water heater is not heating is that the heat exchanger leaks. The heat exchanger is a device inside your tankless water heater that heats cold water. If leaks inside a heat exchanger cause unchecked corrosion, repairs are not possible. It will most likely be replaced.

If your tankless water heater isn’t operating efficiently, call the W.H. Winegar & Son team to check it. Plus, a professional can spot early signs of corrosion and solve them before it becomes problematic.

Overall, tankless water heaters are popular among homeowners because they allow a constant hot water supply whenever needed. Fortunately, W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating have the resources and expertise to install and maintain your tankless water heater.


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