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The Importance of Replacing Your Sump Pump

w.h. winegar replace your sump pump

When should you replace your sump pump?

If your home comes with a sump pump, you know how hard it works to protect it. A sump pump is installed on your home’s lowest level to prevent flooding in your crawlspace or basement. Your sump pump is also housed inside a sump pit out of the way, so it’s simple to forget about it unless it stops functioning. After removing the water from the heavy rains away from your home, your sump pump will return to standby. Since it serves an essential purpose, you must know when to replace your sump pump.

Your Sump Pump Creates Loud Noises

Loud noises from the sump pump’s pit suggest you need to replace your sump pump. As the pump comes to the end of its useful life, the engine will start to roar when it pumps the water away from your home. Although all sump pumps develop some noise as they pump water out of the basement, the noise should never reach the upper floors of your house. So, consider insulating the pipes to minimize noise or hire a plumber from W.H. Winegar and Son Plumbing & Heating to reroute the discharge pipe efficiently.

The Sump Pump Runs Constantly

If your pump is constantly operating, it’s likely nearing the end of its lifecycle. Note that a sump pump should never run continuously. Additionally, the pump may be the wrong size. A pump that is too small for the water volume it’s supposed to move will never be able to keep up with the continuous demands. As a result, you receive an over-exhausted pump and overworked motor, and you will need to replace your sump pump.

A Clogged Sump Pump is Never Good

When the impeller is damaged or fractured, it can form loud rattling noises while operating. Plus, the sump pump might screech and rattle as it attempts to draw water out of the basin if the impeller is clogged with leaves, dirt, or sticks. So, remove the pump and inspect the components (while not in use) to make sure they are not clogged or damaged. Otherwise, you might have to replace your sump pump. Ask us about installing water-powered backup and battery backup sump pumps!

The Sump Pump is Old

Despite the fact that an aging sump pump is more likely to fail than a new one, many homeowners wait until it’s too late for a replacement. It’s not worth risking a failure if your pump is becoming ten years old, regardless of performance. Consequently, replacing a sump pump is less costly and easier than reconstructing a water-damaged basement.


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