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The Importance of a Video Pipe Inspection

w.h. winegar video pipe inspection

A video pipe inspection is an efficient utility location tool that locates cracks, leaks, and blockages.

It can be frustrating when you have a sewer or pipe problem but need help knowing where to dig. However, there is a quick and straightforward solution. A video pipe inspection is an efficient utility location tool that locates cracks, leaks, and blockages. These particular cameras are valuable for underground utility locations because they can pinpoint blockages or damage within the cement or under the foundation.

Problem Types a Video Pipe Inspection Can Address

Besides finding leaks, holes, and obstructions, a video pipe inspection can effectively:

  • Pinpoint grease clogs and buildup
  • Locate points of corrosion, breakage, or punctures
  • View the position of root intrusion
  • Determine the grade, layout, and depth of utility and sewer pipes
  • Confirm if current conditions comply with regulations
  • Detect possible weak points or potential problems

When is a Video Pipe Inspection Recommended?

  • A video pipe inspection is ideal when conventional utility locating and vacuum excavation methods won’t solve the problem area. Fortunately, this technology removes the guesswork and the need to dig blindly.
  • It’s advisable for homeowners to have a video inspection done if they have dealt with repeated clogs and backups. Instead of constantly wasting money and time freeing the pipe, locating the blockage and repairing the problem is better.
  • It may also be ideal to have a video pipe inspection run before a home purchase. This inspection type can look over the sewer lines for problem signs that would be difficult or expensive to repair in the future. Overall, a video inspection can prevent you from experiencing unforeseen headaches on your site due to sewer lines or pipes.

The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Check out the advantages of a video pipe inspection being done on your property:

  • Cost-effective
  • Minimized labor and time necessary for repairs
  • Emergencies may be resolved quicker
  • Some issues may be prevented entirely
  • Better planning is possible by knowing the cause, location, and size of the repair
  • Leakage may be stopped before it becomes hazardous and challenging to fix
  • The need for maintenance can be verified in advance

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