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Why You Should Avoid Pouring Oil Down the Drain

w.h. winegar avoid pouring oil down the drain

Learn why you should avoid pouring oil down the drain.

When you cook with grease, oil, and fats, it may be tempting to dispose of them by pouring them down the sink or rinsing your pan after cooking. Some people also regularly pour their leftover grease into their sink without thinking about it thoroughly. In reality, pouring oil, grease, and other cooking fats down the drain is one of the prevalent sources of plumbing issues. Keep reading to learn why you should avoid pouring oil down the drain.

How is Grease Bad for Your Pipes?

While it might seem convenient to dump leftover grease down your drain once you are done cooking, pouring grease is more hazardous than people realize. Unfortunately, cooking oil and grease can damage your drainage system by contributing to blockages. In addition, the improper disposal of oils, fats, and grease can lead to plumbing clogs. The grease usually found in margarine, butter, lard, vegetable oil, and salad dressings can cause dangerous buildup because it thickens and combines with other oil particles in the pipes. Consequently, it may restrict water flow throughout your home and prevent your pipes from draining altogether.

How to Dispose of Grease Properly

Here are several pointers on how to dispose of grease properly:

  • Let the grease dry entirely so it can be easier to scrape it off pans.
  • Scrape the grease into a separate container and throw it away.
  • Another possible method is pouring the liquid grease into an aluminum foil-covered bowl and refrigerating for a couple of hours. Then you can remove the foil from the bowl once the grease has solidified, wrap it, and throw it away securely.
  • If possible, avoid running water over greasy dishes or pans. So, always use a plastic scraper or paper towel to wipe down the pans, pots, and dishes that come into contact with the oil before washing them in the sink.

How to Get Rid of Cooking Oil

Please check out the following tips to avoid pouring oil down the drain:

  • Allow the oil to cool off in the open air before trying to dispose of it.
  • You can pour a small amount of oil into your trashcan on top of paper towels or into a disposable container and place that container into a plastic bag before putting it into the trash.
  • Pour the cooking oil into a container to reuse. While the oil is somewhat warm, strain it to eliminate any food particles and store it in an airtight container in the freezer or fridge until you are ready to use it again.
  • Another way to avoid pouring oil into your drain is to recycle it.

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