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What to Know About a Submeter Installation


A submeter installation allows property owners or managers to track power consumption in certain units below the master meter.

Are you a property owner? Consider submetering. A submeter installation allows property owners or managers to track power consumption in certain units below the master meter. Also, installing a sub meter includes electrical work and should be done by a licensed electrician. However, check out these general steps involved in a submeter installation.

General Steps in Installing a Sub Meter

  • Select a location for the sub meter near the electrical panel where the main service enters the structure. The sub meter should be placed securely on the wall.
  • Before a submeter installation, turn off the power to the circuit that will be worked on. You or the electrician can turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse.
  • Protect the electrical wires by installing a junction box near the sub meter.
  • Install a conduit from the main electrical panel to the junction box, complying with local codes and regulations.
  • Run wires from the main electrical panel to the junction box to link them to the sub meter. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Turn on the power and test the sub meter to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Benefits of a Submeter Installation

  • Fast ROI – Many energy-saving strategies require minimal time so that you can see savings sooner. The return on investment for a submeter installation frequently occurs in less than a year.
  • Eco-friendly – Any excess energy returns to the grid when a solar power system is linked to the power grid.
  • Simple Routine Maintenance – Having real-time data on power can help you to anticipate and prevent any problems. You may identify and establish the reason for rate swings if the monthly consumption rates gradually increase without changes in tenant utility use.
  • Asset for landlords and tenants – Management can accurately charge all tenants for their monthly consumption while sharing real-time data.


It’s critical to note that a submeter installation can differ depending on the specific model and requirements. Additionally, electrical work can be hazardous and should only be completed by a licensed electrician. Call W.H. Winegar & Son Plumbing and Heating at (301) 384-5818 to learn more about our submeter installation services.


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