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Why Do the Common Boiler Repairs Happen?

w.h. winegar boiler repairs

Here are three prevalent boiler repairs and why they happen.

Boilers are durable and do not require too much maintenance. However, issues can arise, and knowing what to look for will ensure you catch problems quickly. So, here are three prevalent boiler repairs and why they happen.


Kettling occurs when it makes a boiling kettle sound that your boiler makes when it must be flushed. This happens when your boiler has hard water and the mineral deposits build-up. Unfortunately, this restricts the water flow and makes it complex for the boiler to function correctly. In addition, kettling may lead to leaks, so addressing these boiler repairs early will prevent much bigger problems later.

Leaks and Drips

Leaks and drips are common issues, often resulting in emergency boiler repairs because a leaking tank might rust and need replacement. Also, leaks provoke the boiler to lose pressure and may short-circuit its electrical components, becoming a more serious issue. If you also notice leaks or drips from your boiler, shut off your hot and cold water and call for a professional plumbing repair.

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Boiler Pilot Light Problems

Remember that the pilot light on your boiler should always be on. A lack of hot water or warm air signals that it is failing. If your pilot light keeps going out, it may have a faulty, damaged, or misaligned thermocouple. In addition, the thermocouple is a safety shutoff device that instantly prevents the gas valve from opening if the pilot light is out. Other possible factors include loose gas valves, faulty venting, or low gas pressure. A professional plumbing technician can diagnose the issue and fix your boiler.

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